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Noise assessment



Noise assessment

According to the HSE, up to 2 Million people are exposed to noise at work which may be harmful. The effects of being exposed to harmful levels of noise include hearing loss, tinnitus and more.


Using our state of the art Casella CEL- 620B sound level monitor, we are able to provide detailed analysis of the type and level of noise your staff and others are exposed to.  The meter completes many calculations and presents the results in simple to understand bar charts. In short, it’s able to identify potential problems and the type of noise protection required to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.


All of the noise data is stored securely on our servers. We keep all of the information for at least 40 years. Duplicate reports are provided free of charge.


Warning.  Many sectors are facing claims for “personal hearing loss”. The only way of fending off such claims, is to be able to present reliable noise data. It’s the only way to prove that any exposure to hazardous levels of noise did not occur on your watch.


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