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Dust level analysis


Dust level analysis

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Your legal duties

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) require that you protect workers from the harmful health effects of hazardous substances in the workplace, including the effects of dust. Being regularly exposed to high levels of dust in a workplace can affect the respiratory system and cause your workers to become ill.


Dust of any kind can become a substance hazardous to health under COSHH when it is present at concentrations in the air equal to or greater than 10 mg/m3 of inhalable dust or 4 mg/m3 of respirable dust.

Have you got a problem?

It’s impossible to identify the actual levels of dust in the air without collecting a sample. Using a state of the art Casella Apex2 personal sampling pump, we are able to identify the levels of dust that your staff or others may be exposed to.


We will analyse the findings and will help you to identify the most effective way of reducing the dust to safe levels. Your options will include local exhaust ventilation (LEV) or providing staff with respiratory protective equipment (RPE).


Warning.  Many sectors are facing claims for occupational illnesses caused by exposure to dust. The only way of fending off such claims, is to be able to present reliable data.


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